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Greeting from Moscow !

To His Holyness the Dalai Lama


Thekchen Choeling

Mcleod Ganj 176219

Dharamsala District Kangra

Himachal Pradech, India

Tel. 91(1892) 22343,

fax 91(1892) 22776.


We are sending to You our Hearty congratulations on Your 60-th anniversary, wishing You good Health, Happiness and every Success in Your fruitful Holimessage for the benefit of the whole Mankind! Taking the Occasion of this Event, we should like to invite You to our spiritual Convention, to be held on July 7-16, 1995. Troitsk , Isvestia near Moscow. Thank You for Your Wise Cooperation. We are looking forward to meeting You soon in Moscow!


Jan I. Koltunov Andrei R.Volkov


Deputy Chair man of Humans Ecology Subcommittee in the State Duma of the Russian State Duma of the Russian Federation, President of the Global Federation Deputy Movement of Cosmic selfprogramming (GMCSP),Chairman of (Subcommittee on Human the Union and Director of the Peoples University of GMCSP Ecology) Cosmos in the Cosmonautics Committee of the Russian, is Vice-President of Emperiors (Commonwealth of Independent States). Society, Prince


The State Duma, Room 537;            Tel.:(007-095): 292-14-58; 292-33-85 (off);

1 Okhotny ryad, 103009,                118-49-81; 276-02-49 (home)

Moscow, Russia.                             Fax:(007-095) 292-14-58; 292-33-85.