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ß.È. Êîëòóíîâ. Âûäåðæêè èç ìàòåðèàëîâ  î ìåòîäàõ ÊÑÏ, ÂÄÊÑ ß.È. Êîëòóíîâà äðóãèõ àâòîðîâ (Íà àíãëèéñêîì ÿçûêå)

Èç ðàáîò Â.Â. Àíòîíîâà

Meditative Running

Meditative running is a powerful method of increasing energetic potential of the organism and development of its energy system as a whole. The methods was originally created by Tibetan spiritual seekers (it was called “Lun Gom” running). In our country the group version of this technique became popular thanks to efforts of Yan I. Koltunov (Moscow).

The method consists in performing pranayamas and meditations during a long group running which is done at a slow pace. Performed in this manner the meditations and pranayamas help students: a) distract their attention from sensations of the body, allowing them not to concentrate on being tired, b) create and maintain positive emotional state, c) train their concentration, visualization and meditation abilities, d) develop “personal power” (power of consciousness), e) harmonize loads on muscle, cardiovascular, respiratory and other systems of the organism etc.

Running sessions of groups consisting from 5 to 50 people should be led by an instructor who should uninterruptedly (!) assign exercises to the group.

Compared to the static variant of psychic self-regulation lessons exercises of meditative running are performed at an incommensurably higher energetic level, which increases their efficiency dramatically.

It is advisable that this method is used after all participants have mastered basics of psychic self-regulation. Unprepared beginners should not be included in the group since everyone who is unable to participate in meditative work synchronously with the rest of the group will make this work more difficult for the group as a whole.

Below we are going to set out our modification of this method as a program for a two-hours of running (without taking the warm-up time into consideration). As we will see this program is an intermediate stage to the highest methods of spiritual work, that will be explained in the following chapters.

First sessions should be limited to not to exceed 30 minutes. Then we can gradually increase the load.

Because of certain adjustments that take place in the muscular system during the period of the trainings one should increase the quantity of protein in one’s diet (milk products, eggs, nuts, mushrooms etc.). Drinking milk afterwards would also be very good.

I should also mention that women may experience menstruation delays during intensive running trainings (this a well-known phenomena in sports medicine); this should not be considered a dangerous indication.

If you decide to run in the morning you may do it on an empty stomach or have just a glass of water with a teaspoonful of honey or jam. In case the running sessions are held during the day or in the evening the last intake of food should be several hours before them. It is impossible to run with a full stomach.

Clothes should be light. So, if air temperature is above 0 centigrade (32 Fahrenheit) just a track-suit will be enough. When it is below 10 (12 Fahrenheit) one may put additional training pants, light sweater and a cap. But one may dress lighter — overheating of the body should be avoided while performing this type of exercises.

During summer heat it makes sense to make the route go near natural water reservoirs and to make stops for swimming. It would be still better to run in the morning and to stay near the water during the day. This time may be used for discussions and studying food resources of the forest. In winter the running session can be followed by swimming in an ice-hole (but it is absolutely necessary that a warm room or a big fire made in advance are near the ice-hole). If these conditions can not be found a douche would also do just fine. The running session should necessarily be followed by washing the body.

Before running we should perform an intensive warm-up of the body that would engage all muscles and joints (its description can be found above). In winter it is better to warm up indoors, so that we come out to the frost in the already warm condition attained due to muscular activity.

Then the running itself begins. The instructor should be running behind the group so that everyone can hear him or her. The first thing he should do is giving the command to maintain the correct posture:

— ‘Attention to the posture. The body is straight. We may even slightly bend it backwards. The body should be in such a position so that the muscles of the back are not strained. Relax the muscles of the back. Throw the head slightly back. Relax the back muscles of the neck. Attention to the feet. We place them on the ground straight with toes looking forward. Feet are relaxed. They touch the ground smoothly and gently. Relax the muscles of the shins and the thighs. We feel that legs are relaxed all the time so that we cannot feel the moment we are touching the ground. Attention to the chest. It is slightly raised. We imagine that the collar-bones are like small boards lying on it, feel them. The chest remains expanded during the entire running session. Raise the chest and let it stay in this expanded position while breathing. The abdomen is relaxed, but it does not hang down as long as the chest is expanded. We make sure that the body does not bend forward — otherwise it will get tired very soon. Fix it in the correct position. Attention to the wrists: they are relaxed and hang loosely. We imagine that we are suspended on a long wire attached to some distant cosmic object. The body is suspended, it hardly touches the ground and is relaxed.

We get with concentration of consciousness to muladhara. Then we gaze to the center of Earth from it and see an ocean of Fiery Light there. Let us send a beam from muladhara towards this ocean. Here, it reaches the abode of this Power… A powerful reciprocal impulse of energy rushes up that beam and fills our chakras and our entire body. Let us repeat the exercise. Concentration is in muladhara. We send a signal beam to the center of Earth…, and receive a reciprocal impulse of Power!… We feel energy inside the chakras. The entire body got filled with power and light, it expanded, the density of energy inside it increases… We repeat this again and again…

Let us imagine a giant vacuum-cleaner 30 meters below the Earth surface with its nozzle facing upwards. We are going to turn it on and it will start sucking all dark energies inside and around us and sending them to the center of Earth. Here, we turned the engine on, it started grumbling, the sucking power increases… We observe the space around the group and see the dark energies fly away, sucked down by this vacuum cleaner. We track their way… They rush at enormous speed towards the center of Earth — and vanish there… Everyone examines the space within one meter of their body. We click the switch and the engine power doubles. We watch dark pieces rip off and fly away. We scan thoroughly the space around the head…, the neck…, the chest…, the belly…, the pelvis…, the hips…, the knees…, the feet… And now let us turn the attention into the space inside our bodies. Click the switch once more. The power quadruples! The vacuum cleaner starts shaking. Incredible sucking power tears off all dark stuff that remained inside the bodies. We scan the head, the neck, the chest, the belly, the pelvis, the hips, the legs… The body gets filled with the purest light that comes from above to replace what has been gone…

Let us turn the palms of the hands upward. Imagine a tennis ball made of white-goldish light lying on each of them. We toss them from one hand to another. They grow brighter. We superpose them into one ball on the left palm. Let us inflate this ball with energy from our anahatas.

Muladhara — “inhale” from below, anahata — “exhale” into the ball. Muladhara — “inhale”, anahata — “exhale”. (We repeat this ten times). The ball is as large as a large water-melon… (Some more “exhales” into the ball). It is already one meter in diameter… All balls merge into one common ball… We look at its surface from inside. It separates us from the surrounding space securely. There is a subtlest transparent environment filled with lucid light inside the ball. It is incredibly easy to breathe in it, we feel amazingly light and weightless… It seems that all bodies merge into one organism inside the ball… We continue running inside the ball.

Let us do a series of pranayamas. We “inhale” the light through the legs and “exhale” it through muladhara forward, pushing out everything that hinders its flow. This is the light that we may see in abundance below the Earth’s surface. The left leg — “inhale”, muladhara —“exhale” (3-4 times). The right leg — “inhale”, muladhara —“exhale” (3-4 times). The left leg — “inhale”, svadhisthana —“exhale”. (And so on — going through all chakras). Muladhara — “inhale”, anahata — “exhale” (3-4 times). The spine — “inhale” from below, ajna — “exhale” (3-4 times). The left leg — “inhale”, the entire right side of the body — “exhale” (3-4 times). The right leg — “inhale”, the entire left side of the body — “exhale” (3-4 times). The left hand — “inhale” — through anahata — the right hand — “exhale” (3-4 times). (And then the other way around). Muladhara — “inhale” from below, sahasrara — “exhale” up. (Repeat this several times, then it should become the uninterrupted flow of light). We make this flow stop and watch a cloud of light forming above us. It wants to pour into us; we open ourselves up and let it in, filling ourselves with its tenderness and purity…

We feel a small sun between the palms. We watch its goldish light, feel its caress… The sun dissolves in our hands…, we soak its warmth and light through our hands into anahata and sense a pleasant expansion inside the chakra. And now we will emanate the light and the warmth of the sun from anahata at all living beings around us…

Let us shift concentration of consciousness into the rightmost part of anahata. We will find the subtlest plane of light there and cast off all coarse layers inside the chakras and then inside the entire body. (Repeat the same from the rightmost part of vishudha, then ajna and sahasrara, then from the leftmost part of sahasrara, ajna and so on in a circle).

Let everyone imagine that they are foxes. A red fox with a large fluffy tail runs smoothly in the forest. Running is a natural state for a fox. We run upon soft green moss among trees, bushes and stones. We run, ignoring everything that surrounds us. The fox has a goal. The fox has to see the sunrise. A pointed gently sloping woodless hill is ahead. We run up its slope and freeze at the top. We stand on the top watch the disk of the rising sun go up from the forest at the horizon. Anxious expectation, readiness… The sun rises and touches the hill with its light. Here, it is up. We look at its disk. The streamy light flows out of the sun and fills the body. Let the body get filled with light, let the light grow thick and liquid. We fill the entire body from the tail to the eyes with this light… Density of the liquefied light inside the body increases…

And now each of us is a fallow-deer. A jump — and we soar upwards, enjoying the freedom. The body gets filled with happiness, exultation of flying over the woods and fields, immersed in the tenderness of the clear morning and golden sunlight. We get overfilled with happiness, ecstasy and bliss. We breathe in the freshness of the warm wind, mixed with sunlight. Down below is a forest river and hills covered with grass and bushes. A small wave of wind touched the leaves. We get close to the ground. Aroma of flowers reaches our senses. We touch the ground and shoot upwards again into the space of light, towards infinite joy of flying!… We feel the warmth of rays of the sun with our soft and gentle fells, we smile at the sun, at the whole world, at all living beings that surround us: birds, flowers, grass, trees, beetles, butterflies, animals and people. We want to fill them all with the light of joy, to melt hardened and rude souls… What a happiness it is — to live in harmony with everybody and everything, to live in love!

Now let us get back into our human bodies that keep on running and start to form an “envelope” of light around them. We “bandage” the body starting from the point located 50 centimeters below it with wide bandage clockwise if looking from below. We form an envelope around the feet…, the shins…, the hips…, the pelvis…, the belly…, the chest…, the neck…, the head… Then let us touch its walls from inside with the hands of consciousness… Let every one of us imagine their mirror image above themselves, their double, running upside down. Now let us continue making an “envelope” to include the double’s body: the head…, the neck…, the chest…, the belly…, the pelvis…, the hips…, the shins…, the feet. Then we detach ourselves from this “envelope” and fly about 5 meters up. We do not look down… We enjoy the coolness of the wind, the expanse and the freedom…, then get above the park (the forest, boulevard, the stadium). Birds fly around us, let us greet them. Now we rise close to the cloud layer (if there are clouds), and look at them from below… We get ready to break through the clouds where the sun shines (if we run during the day). We turn into a rocket for a second and skyrocket there — into the world of exultation and light. The sunlight reflects in the dazzling white clouds beneath us. The shine and sparkling of joy in the bright sunshine! We feast on this light and fill ourselves with its joy…

And now let us head for the outer space and leave the Solar system… We glide in the expanse of the boundless cosmic space… Stars are all around us… Silence… Let us feel the eternity and endlessness of the universe in all their entirety… Stars are shimmering… This is the cosmic pulse. Let us feel this rhythm. Stars are shimmering rhythmically. Silence. Calm. Eternity and Infinity… Wisdom of the boundless space… Let us start returning… Now, we approach Sun. It grows larger, we immerse ourselves in its familiar tender light, fill ourselves up with its rays again and get ecstatic… We suspend ourselves over white dazzling clouds and dive down through them… Underneath is the surface of our home planet, forests, rivers, fields, villages and cities… Let us start descending. We fly over the Earth surface and shine at all living beings with the sunlight that we accumulated in our bodies… We send our care and tenderness to trees, birds, animals, people… Let us wish all people to live in peace and harmony with everyone and everything… Let us pour the light of love into all emptied and hardened hearts. Let them get rid of coarseness, hate, violence, selfishness, lie and addiction to alcohol! Let the whole world become filled with the bliss of peace and love! Let all living beings’ hearts become filled with sunlight!

We descend to our city, to the park, then even lower and look at the group of people running down below. These are our bodies, we approach them, get into them, move immediately to muladhara and send a beam of light to the center of Earth from there, receive a reciprocal impulse of Power, that starts filling the chakras, the entire body… (We repeat the latter element 3-4 times).

Now let us work with “microcosmic orbit” for some time. Then let us feel ourselves in anahata…, in manipura…, in svadhisthana, in muladhara, in svadhisthana again…, in manipura…, in anahata…, in vishudha…, in ajna…, in sahasrara…, then above the head … We swim in the light, fly freely, feel joy, tenderness, purity and subtlety of the sunlight. Then we start to condense our flying form, draw the light of the subtlest space into it as if with some magnet… The flying form accepts anthropomorphic shape, grows dense and filled with light, starts shining like a morning sun and then becomes our “sunny double”. We slowly superimpose the physical body on this “sunny double”. We feel dense sunlight, this precious load of golden elixir inside ourselves, making sure it gets distributed evenly inside the body.

Now let us place a ball that consists of goldish white light between the palms of the hands. We place it in front of manipura. Then we connect a tube to the back part of manipura, through which a stream of light starts rushing into the chakra and then into the ball. The density of light in the ball increases (but its size remain the same). Now that we have filled the ball to the limit we disconnect the tube and dissolve it. Attention — into the ball. Internal processes begin inside it that lead to the colossal rise of pressure. A subtlest goldish-white fire rages inside the ball… We insert the ball into manipura with our hands. The chakra is bursting with power. The whole body gets filled with incredible strength!… We can hardly control the body, it wants to make giant leaps, to tear at full speed… A red triangle starts moving forward slowly out of manipura … It drags the body by the center of the stomach. (In 1-2 minutes we stop accelerating our pace with the command:) Dissolve the triangle!… The front runners — run on the spot! Get closer to one another. Manipura — “inhale”, vishudha —“exhale”. (Repeat several times). We imagine a fragrant whitish-pink rose in front of anahata. Rays of the rising sun are sparkling and playing in the dew-drops on its delicate petals. We insert the flower into anahata. The chakra gets filled with its delicate aroma. (Let us insert images of flowers into all chakras). We immerse ourselves into the blue of the clear morning sky…, we let the light of the sky into the body and fill the inner space of the body with it… (If it is winter and there is a pure snow — we may take off our shoes and run in the snow barefooted for some time).

We continue running. Concentration — in the center of the palms. In the center of the palms pulsating warmth emerges. Feel the pulse in the palms! Feel the pulse! Feel it! Concentration — in the thumb-cushions. Pulse and warmth emerge there! Feel the pulse! Feel it! (And so on, repeating this for all intervals between fingers and the cushions of all fingers’ end phalanges). Feel the wrists. Pulsating warmth in them. The pulse! Feel the entire arms, the arms along with the chest, then with the head, feel the pulse in the whole upper part of the body! The entire body turns into a pulsating heart! We feel ourselves like pulsating hearts! It grows in size — two times, ten times… A huge pulsating heart, tireless and powerful organ filled with hot blood, with immense inexhaustible power in it!… We keep on pulsating!… We feel ourselves like pulsating hearts!… We gradually shrink and condense ourselves, sense the body again and realize the concentrated power of this gigantic organ inside the body…

We look mentally into the space of light above the head. We expand as consciousness in the surrounding space. Let us concentrate on the plants around us: grass, flowers, bushes and trees. (In case of winter we should make corresponding exceptions). We feel their state and send our tenderness to them… Let us attune to the emotional state of the birds singing, then send our love to them.

A wall of wind-light approaches us from behind. The subtlest light blows through our bodies on the subtlest plane, washing and carrying away all coarse layers. Body shells got deflated, we realize that we are incorporeal beings floating in the space of light, driven by the wind-light. We merge into one big ball of light and continue floating…

Everyone reclaims their individuality again by condensing into forms of white swans. We fly up in the rays of the morning light. Above is the blue of the skies with bright white clouds floating. We enjoy the flight, feel the warmth of tender sunlight. Feathers vibrate gently in the currents of warm air. We move our wings slightly. We enjoy the flight. We look down. A river winding about in the forest carries its waters to a big lake with small islands. We get down to the water, approach its mirror-like surface. We touch the water with our paws, splash a line, stop, look around. All swans are talking tenderly with one another in their musical swan language. We swim up to one another, fluff our feathers and gently place our heads onto the backs of our friends from the flock. Vishudha gets overfilled with bliss of this moment. We swim up together to the green patch of reeds and admire its reflection in the water. Well, it’s time to fly again! We take off softly and head to the sun effortlessly. We get higher and higher… Let the sunlight flow into the bodies, let it condense inside them, filling them from the tail to the eyes. We fly towards the sun and get filled with thick golden light… The entire body gets filled with thick, heavy and blissful light-power, unshakable power of love… We get down — and fall into our human bodies. A golden fuel of life spreads all over them. We create an increased density of this fuel in the lower chakras. Next portions of the same kind of light pour into the bodies from above, the bodies get filled up with it…

(The exercises for climbing up steep slopes on the route:) A strong current of white light blows at us out of Earth through muladhara. It inflates the body like a balloon. The body gets blown up and grows weightless… It becomes difficult to keep it from taking off, we can hardly touch the ground with our feet… It takes tremendous efforts to reach the ground with our feet…

We enter into anahata with concentration of consciousness, look at the world out of it…, then enter into manipura, look out of manipura, enter into svadhisthana…, into muladhara…, again into svadhisthana…, into manipura…, into anahata…, into vishudha…, into ajna…, into sahasrara…. We find ourselves above sahasrara in the form of a small disk-shaped cloud… We draw in light, become brighter and brighter… All of us merge into one large disk. The disk starts drawing in subtlest light from the surrounding space and gets filled with it… The light inside the disk grows brighter… The higher the density of the light inside the disk the more intensively it draws in the energy from the space… We accumulate tremendous power in ourselves… Now the disk is able to move in space instantaneously, at the speed of a thought…

We find ourselves beyond the clouds — in the bright sunshine… We are behind our running bodies… Now we are far ahead of them… We extend ribbons that consist of light to our bodies. Each ribbon is attached to the center of the stomach of the running body. We start towing the bodies. The disk accelerates slowly, the ribbons get strained… We tow the body by the center of the stomach, the speed increases gradually… The ribbons turn into navel-strings. The energy of the disk transfuses into the bodies through them. The bodies get filled with the power that was pertinent to the disk and with the qualities that were pertinent to it…

Everyone realizes themselves as being a small cloud above the running body. We draw in the light from the surrounding space. By drawing this light we condense ourselves into the human form, becoming our “sunny double”, who runs as it were on the first floor — above the head of the body which runs on the ground floor. We realize ourselves totally as running on the “first floor”. We run in the space of goldish light, draw in this light and thicken it inside ourselves… The light inside the body of our “sunny double” grows thicker, more dense… (we may perform the “Cross of Buddha” meditation, a series of pranayamas and other exercises while running on the “first floor”). We get down to the ground to the right of the running body. Let us take it with the left hand by its right hand. Now we run together holding hands with our bodies. Let us transfuse ourselves into the running body, superimpose ourselves on it and feel the blissful power of golden elixir inside…

Attention — into muladhara. We perceive it as a firm foundation. A house built on this foundation will never suffer from any storms… We feel the power of the golden elixir in muladhara. We connect muladhara with the Fiery Light in the center of Earth with a beam of light and fill this chakra with that Power. Muladhara is filled up with dense light and energy.

We slow down to walking, surprised at how unusual it is for us to walk. Running has become a natural state of the organism, hasn’t it? We watch our breath and pulse. They are the same as those during regular walking.

After the running we should swim or have a shower, perform a deep relaxation and other exercises.

I should repeat myself by saying that this program is designed for approximately two hours of running without a stop. But in order to keep muscles from overstraining first runs should not exceed 30 minutes. In short versions of the program it makes sense to keep the introductory concentrations aimed at control over the posture and relaxation of the muscles, as well as exercises with the all-group ball, pranayamas, exercises with creation of the “envelope” and meditations with sunlight.

It should be noted that the impressive lightness and the sense of being filled with positive emotions that appear during group meditative running cannot be achieved when running individually.

Here are examples of the meditations that can also be included in the program of running:

The “Cross of Buddha” performed from the dictation of the instructor.

While running on the “first floor” we deviate from the previous trajectory and far aside from it perform actions that the instructor suggests.

If we run in the forest or a park we may “extend” our hands that come out from our anahatas and gently touch or caress tree-tops with them.

We shift our self-awareness far in front of the body, then run along the body holding hands with it, then we hurry the body by pushing it on the back. (This meditation can be easily turned into a merry game, filled with jokes; casual witnesses of such moments get amazed at seeing a group of laughing runners compared to usual sight of exasperated and exhausted sportsmen).

When running on the “first floor” we “connect” “cosmic hoses” to the chakras and fill them up with “cosmic fuel”: we fill muladhara with the “fuel of eternal life”, svadhisthana — with transparent subtlety and purity, manipura — with energy of powerful and harmonious motion, anahata — with white light of all-embracing love, vishudha — with subtle blueness of the morning sky and first golden rays of Sun as well as with morning dew and aroma of flowers, ajna — with active and mobile “intellectual fuel”, and sahasrara — with the subtlest all-pervading and all-embracing cosmic light. Let us feel the wholeness and conformity of the entire system of chakras, of the entire organism, as well as its imperishability and ability to withstand all difficulties that may emerge on our path. Perfection can be found primarily in Love. Let us feel love for all living beings. Perfection is also in Wisdom. Let us get filled with understanding of everyone and everything and unite this quality with Love. Perfection is also in Power. Let us feel perfect and unconquerable power, merged into one with Love and Wisdom, as well as readiness for great selfless service. Let us realize in ourselves the qualities of Those Who already attained Perfection. Let us feel one with Them. Let us feel Them in ourselves, the simplicity and clarity of Their perfect Love…, deep, universal and powerful Wisdom, as well as boundless courage and impregnability of Their perfect Power… Let us imprint all these qualities into ourselves forever.

Let us realize ourselves as running behind our bodies and cleanse them inside and out of all that is different from light. Then we will wash them from a hose and fill them with light.

While running one the “first floor” let us feel energy structures of our organisms… We perform exercises with the “microcosmic orbit”. Then we concentrate in chitrini behind anahata. From this point we rush forward through anahata into the space of the purest light. We expand in it and merge with it…, then condense ourselves again to a human body dimensions… We feel this power distributing all over the body that keeps running on the “first floor”: the body becomes solid and resilient. We tense the muscles of the legs…, those of the lumbar segment of the body…, of the arms…, of the chest… Let us feel clearly that all muscles of the back are tensed… We jump on the ground of the “first floor” with our strong and resilient bodies, make a somersault… We run on the “first floor” raising the knees high in the air…, then touching the buttocks with the heels…

Concentration — in the center of the stomach. From there we extend a “tentacle” and attach it to a distant cloud. We transfer attention to the “tentacle” completely. Then we contract the “tentacle” and pull the body forward with it. No additional muscle efforts should be made! We only contract the “tentacle” (the speed at which we run accelerates dramatically, while we do not feel any additional load on the muscles).

We slow down to walking. With the “tentacle” we snatch at various objects and pull ourselves to them. We tense and relax the “tentacle”. No energy of the body is being spent for these actions, thus the body does not get tired.

Let us imagine that we run behind our bodies. Then with a wand made of light we cleanse the middle meridian from the bottom up to the head chakras.

We may allow ourselves to play and to frolic. While running far ahead of the body we turn a somersault in the air, jerking our legs in a funny way intentionally: we should not feel shy —nobody sees it anyway except for us. We watch friends doing this (everybody laughs).

Running on the “first floor” we feel it as our home — familiar and cozy… Before getting down to the “ground floor” each of us attaches one end of a rubber string to the “first floor”. The strings will stretch without hindering our movements, but we will always be able to pull ourselves back to the “first floor”… We attach the strings to the “first floor” and get down to the “ground floor”. The other end of the string everyone attaches to the center of their stomach. We may touch the strings with our hands. We stretch them — and find ourselves on the “first floor” at once.

We “run out” of our bodies and continue to run ahead of them. No people will see us, so we can do whatever we want there! Let us have fun to our hearts’ content! We may go down on all fours and imagine that we are little dogs, trying to make one another laugh! We may, for example, jump and yelp in different voices… Or run on the back paws, then on the front ones… Everything gets filled with sincere joy… Well, it’s time to get back to looking like human beings… We get back to our bodies.

(While climbing uphill:) Let us imagine that we are in a rapid stream of water. It drags us forward at enormous speed…

Let us immerse into the space of light inside the body. Then let us scan it through and cleanse it, then turn our attention to the Light that exists inside Earth, look at Earth like at a living planet who loves us. Let us comprehend the nature of the Light that fills her — and there will be no doubts left that Earth is a living being and that she loves us as her children. Let us send an emotion of our gratitude to her…

Let us immerse into the Light inside Earth. Let us feel its tenderness and our close relation to it. Let us submerge in it completely and expand as consciousness from anahatas across the entire inner space of Earth. Now we are one with our dear planet. Everyone is now aware of themselves as being in the space of the Mother-Earth filled with tender Light. We are the inner space of Earth plus a small jut on its surface — the inner space of the body… From the inner space of Earth we watch this jut of light moving on its surface.

Let us move the concentration of consciousness back into our bodies and feel the Light of Earth inside them.

Let us imagine a rising sun, wash our faces with its light… Let the subtle light of the early spring morning into the entire body through the face and fill the entire body with it.

Let us look up through sahasrara and see clouds of Light that gathered above us — sparkling goldish Light. Let us raise our hands and bring a wave of this Light down into our bodies.

We watch the Light of Earth and sunlight merge inside our bodies.



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