Сайт Яна Ивановича Колтунова

KOLTUNOV Yan Ivanovich.
Was born on March, 3rd, 1927.
The participant of Great Patriotic War, the full member of the Russian Academy of astronautics name after K.E.Tsiolkovskiy, the head of Branches and the full member of 4 other Academies, the professor. The winner of 20 branch competitions on the best inventions on space-rocket subjects, the honorary title Moscow area ╚The Best inventor╩ is appropriated, has 46 copyright Certificates on inventions, including, on pioneer ones, not having the prototypes, opening new prospects to astronautics.
Chairman of Veterans Group (Association) of a space-rocket science and technics at the Russian Sciences Academy. Has ended the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), the  Artillery Sciences Academies on jet technics by correspondence (as postgraduate student), also 4 faculties on philosophy, psychologies, to the mathematics. The president of the World Movement and the Rector of the Public University of space self-programming and self-development of the person and a society. Trainer Ushu, Yogas, Raiki. Was the candidate for cosmonauts, he had training high-altitude and parachute preparation, flied on gliders, balloons; was the head of a patent bureau, etc.
Participated in substantiations, calculations, flying  tests, working off of the first intercontinental and space launch rockets R(P)-7, R-7
а, R-9, R-16, UR(УР)-500, etc., ballistic missiles R(Р)-12, R(Р)-14, etc., antirockets V(B)-1000; in a substantiation of rocket and starting complexes, the ground equipment and it is rocket-proving grounds/ranges for them; in a substantiation of tactic-technical requirements for all new rockets-carriers developing up to 1983 and rocket complexes for them.
Has developed in 1943-45 the Programs of studying and outer space exploration. The organizer, the head, the ideologist of the Interuniversity Branches first in Moscow, the Design brigade, flying-research group of scientific organizations of preparation of technical realization of rocket and space flights at Moscow Aviation institute in 1943-48; participated in preparation of more than 300 experts-enthusiasts for work in space-rocket branch.
In 1943-45 has proved also directed since 1945 to the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences, Central Committee VKP(b), Central Committee of Komsomol, Presidium CC of Osoaviahim (Society on help to Defences, Aviation & Quimical industry), Meteorological Servis, All Union Committee of High School (V
КVSh), Committee on Inventions affairs, the Ministry of Arms, (he directed) a number of complex Propositions on development of a space-rocket science and technics which have found realization. Since 1945 by the Credencials (Mandate) from the President of the Science Academy  of the USSR participated in a preparation of Decisions of Presidium of Academy and the Government on development of a rocket science and technics in the USSR, concerning jet arms, on realization of the Propositions. In 1946 he participated in calculations and flying tests of the first  multi-stage solid fuel rockets on the Red Banner Artillery Range. He worked on graduating  the Moscow Aviation Institute in 1948, as the leading scientific employee, the head of some complex works at the Central rocket head Institutes-4 of the Artillery Sciences Academy (Ministry of Arms),  and Central research space means Institute-50 (МA) with participation of some others research, design organizations and rocket ranges.
Worked in legendary Tikhonravov group since its formation above problems of creation and perfection of space-rocket means, rocket packages, rocket and starting complexes, the ground equipment, test rocket ranges, tactic-technical requirements to them.

Has developed Propositions and the Program of creation of artificial satellites of the Earth, the Propositions on subjects, the program, structure, financing of space-rocket institute, etc. Has proved and has lead for the first time complexes of researches on gas-dinamics and dynamics of start of rockets of various types and purposes, on wave structure, methods of calculation, modelling. Has developed and used tens experimental automated installations for studying supersonic cold and high heated single compound gas jets and their influence on barrier; to a substantiation of starting devices and starting constructions, equipments, programs, techniques flying tests of rockets and space vehicles. Has lead on firing stands and at start-up of rockets of the test, allowing to reduce the sizes and cost of launchers for rockets-carriers in tens times.
Was the participant and the head of complex starting measurements and their analysis in structure of fighting calculations at 150 start-up of rockets-carriers of 17 types with ten ground and mine starting complexes and launching pads of three rocket proving grounds (poligones), including at starts of many first intercontinental rockets, also at Jury Gagarin's flight, at start-up of the first Lunar rockets, geophysical rockets, rockets with dogs, rockets-carriers under program InterCosmos, etc. Its works directly promoted creation of a space-rocket board of the USSR, the CIS, Russia, to prevention of III world war, promoted a priority of the USSR in studying and an outer space exploration, have allowed to receive significant economy of means experts is estimated in billions roubles (by old calculation) and time at creation of systems of rocket and space arms √ objects of paramount state importance, have the high scientific practical importance.
His researches and developments in the field of a space-rocket science and technics, are published in hundreds scientific reports, clauses, monographies, branch directories, complex offers, materials of applications for inventions and openings, discuveries, presented at interdepartmental exhibitions of the best inventions.


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